Monday, October 02, 2006

Today's Top Ten

Top Ten List for the Upside to Alternative Ed

10. I can do my assignments for college classes during study hall, and model life long learning.
9. "Can you help me?" When one of these guys says that, it's no small thing.
8. . Quibbling over points drives me insane!
7. When a student says "I need to go for a walk" I can say "OK, good idea."
6. When you truly respect these kids, they know it, and you have their respect for life. (Which comes in handy if you're broken down on the side of the road and one of them is walking by!)
5. Lot's of people do well with regular ed kids. Me, not so much.
4. I'm more a life coach than a high school teacher.
3. Conversations are based in real life. 'So you want to drop out? Then what?'
2. "I was going to go hunting today but I decided to come here instead."
1. I just get these kids. And I like being with them. Bonus!