Monday, March 29, 2010

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

what the heck?

I've got to figure out what's bugging me. Earlier this week I had a nightmare that I was fighting with one of my friends (I think over another friend, but I can't confirm that). Those are my version of 'back to school' dreams; most of my friends have the teaching naked or forgetting to take a test variety, I have the fighting with my besties kind. And tonight when I headed to the doc for a quick check up, my BP was 150-something over 90-something. I know! It could be the large coffee... but it's more likely something bugging me that I haven't yet identified (see yesterday). I gotta figure it out soon, 'cause girlfriend doesn't like those numbers. At all.

(Friends who are nurses: don't be surprised if I bug you to do random BP tests on me!)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

and the world keeps turning...

There's a lot happening on many fronts and I haven't been able to slow down the whirlwind enough to put it into words. Personally things are good, albeit a bit busy. Vocationally things are also good, but there are a lot of needs to be met that can't easily be met. Socially I am blessed with a lot of good friends and people to step up and help out.

When the world stops spinning long enough to catch my breath I'll update you.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"and the worst part of my day is someone couldn't conjugate a verb!"

Which is why it's good for me to have regular ed buddies with whom to share my stories, and reged buddies to come hang with us.

Today found a bunch of Sunshines with somebody having put something in their collective cheerios, and by the end of the day they were just going for shock value. Luckily, I can't be shocked easily. (Which is shocking, considering my unbelievably innocent childhood.) We got through it, and tomorrow we'll need some sort of a change, although just what that is remains to be discovered. But cries for attention happen for a reason, and so attention shall be given... as soon as I figure out just what it is they're trying to get me to notice about them.

Still, amidst the mayhem, I cannot imagine having any other job but this. While a vacation in an purely academic classroom might be welcome every so often, I do love the challenges our world brings.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Are teachers born or made? Discuss.

Today is my second blogiversary. Not only am I excited to still be writing regularly, but I'm also thrilled to still have some readers out here. So thanks for caring enough to have me on your Reader.

I was sent this link today, and since most of you are teachers (either paid or otherwise) I thought I'd share. It's a 9 pager, so you grad students may feel like it's a homework assignment; it's not, but I am interested in what you all think. Feel free to discuss.

Building a Better Teacher

(For the record, that's the first time I've ever changed the title to a link. Why not on my blogiversary?)

Thursday, March 04, 2010


There's a lot going on at school these days, and I'm happy to report it does NOT just involve the Sunshines. Yes, our world is still pretty chaotic-- I'd say we have a half a dozen major personal catastrophes going on-- but the main drama at the big school is not anything that had anything to do with any of us. So there.

I did have a thought last night, though, to try to run an after school study session kind of thing next year. The vision is I'd be here to either run a book club, or to let the graduates have access to computers and resume skills and anything else they need. Come read my newspapers and look for jobs. Come talk to me about a book you've read, or that we read together. Or just come talk to me.

I know I'll be alone most afternoons. But if one kid comes back to one session and I can actually be a resource for life long learning? Yea, that would be something.