Sunday, August 31, 2008

99 more just like that one...

..and Boy's college will be paid for! Today we found out that when the Sea Dogs said "finalist" what they meant was "winner!" Yes, he is now a scholarship recipient at the age of 10. I couldn't be prouder of him-- for doing what I asked, for doing it well, and for being humble about it all once he'd won. Girly is to be commended, too-- she also wrote an essay, never once complaining that she didn't win, and is as proud of her brother as we are. We are lucky to parent them both.

For those who care, here is the $1000 essay:
If I had to choose between going to the Olympics and taking a college baseball scholarship, I would need more information. How much is the scholarship? Where are the Olympic Games being held? How much will it cost me to get to the Games? Would I be able to go back to college and still play on the baseball team? There are a lot of questions that would need answering!

Going to college on a baseball scholarship would mean I would not have to pay for my degree while being able to play college baseball. I would become a better baseball player while being able to learn what I need to be successful in life. Major League scouts go to college games, so there would be a chance of me playing in the Major Leagues-- which would be pretty cool!

Going to the Olympics would also be pretty cool. It would mean I would be participating in a once in a lifetime experience. I would get to meet people from other countries and compete with them. I would also have the chance to earn an Olympic medal, which would mean a lot to me. Having an Olympic medal would increase my chances of playing in the Majors.

This would be a very hard decision. Ultimately, though, I would choose going to the Olympics. Even though going to college is important, I can do that anytime. This could be my one chance at the Olympics, and I’d have to take it.

Friday, August 29, 2008

first day

Here they are, ready to go... Boy pointed out that instead of getting a pic of them boarding the bus, getting in the van made as much sense. Since I'm one of those mom's who drops her kids at school, he's right. Now, my reason for this is purely selfish: the bus comes by at 7 AM, and if I drop them on my way to work, I can SLEEP until 7. No brainer there. Honestly, the only thing I hate about my job is that it starts at 7:50 AM. I dislike getting out of bed at such an early hour, and resent having to go to bed long before Letterman's Top Ten hits the airwaves. Otherwise, I do love what I do.

It was good to see my sunshines again this week. Some changes in their personal lives, but they all came back on day 1. I'm not sure if that is a record, but it's darned close. I feel pretty good about that. And they told me their stories. We're adapting to our new space-- it's different being around people again, but I think it's going to work. Life is good in our little fishbowl.

But tonight I get to stay up a little later and sleep a bit longer in the morning... although not much, because we have soccer practice at 9 AM. Humph.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I'm here... really....

I've had lots of plans to write this week, but by the time I get home and settled, I'm just too tired to think. If we could start school at say, 10 AM, I'd be a much happier woman. I wonder if I'll ever pull *that* one off!!

More this weekend, I promise. Three day weekend! That means.... wait for it.... SLEEP!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

oh, why not?

Another fun little show and tell... thanks Katie and Amity!

Nine things I want to do before I die
1. own a camp
2. have gotten to know my grandchildren
3. perform a tap dance with Boy and Girly
4. retire in good health
5. own a pool and a hot tub
6. convert to solar
7. be debt free!!
8. visit New Orleans
9. see the kids grow into happy, contented adults

Eight things I'm wearing
1. life is good tee shirt
2. tank top
3. shorts
4. barrette in my hair (I really can't cope without one)
5. glasses
6. engagement ring
7. wedding band
8. mother's ring

Seven things I appreciate
1. my family
2. my friends
3. good writing
4. modern comforts: electricity, heat, running water....
5. sweaters!
6. my sunshines
7. flexiblity (of all sorts)

Six things I touch everyday
1. WB, Boy, and Girly
2. kitty
3. dishes (clean and dirty)
4. laundry (ditto)
5. my laptop
6. food!

Five things I do everyday
1. love
2. laugh
3. think
4. plan
5. eat

Four songs on my mind
1. A Different Kind of Love by Too Much Joy
2. Waterfall by james
3. Certain Songs by The Hold Steady
4. that Olympic song that plays at every comercial break...

Three things I think of when I wake up
1. ten more minutes
2. ten more
3. not yet...

My two favorite foods
1. summer veggies fresh from the garden
2. low salt Lays potato chips

One person I love more than any other
1. WB, although Boy and Girly are right there too

wowie wow wow!

Boy had asked last week about a scholarship essay he wrote this spring for the Portland Sea Dogs. I said we hadn't heard yet, so he probably didn't get it. Well, I checked messages today, and the Sea Dogs had called. He's a finalist in the K-5 group! He is very proud, as are the rest of us. I'm also really pleased from a "mom is always right" standpoint, as he resisted writing the thing in the first place. All age groups (k-5, 6-9, 9-12) had to write a 200 word essay about whether they'd go to college on a scholarship or play for the olympic team and possibly lose their scholarship. I did think his was pretty good, but I have an obvious bias. We have 4 tickets waiting for us for the Aug 31 game and we'll find out the winners there!

Way to go Boy!

Monday, August 18, 2008


I headed into school today for a few hours. I had been planning on spending a good 5 hours there, but then I was able to get a massage in mid afternoon, and with the 10 cord of wood hanging around, I decided discretion was the better part of valor. I logged 3 hours of moving and unpacking boxes of books. Girly came and helped, which was a really nice treat. Some furniture needs to be swapped with other programs in the district, so it's a good thing I couldn't do my full stint today. I'll head in for another 3 hours post camping, and will be ready for next week.

Mentally I'm getting there, too. I'm excited to see the sunshines again. I'm excited about the new room and spending more time with my east campus buddies. Don't get me wrong, I love living a life of leisure, but it's not the hand I was dealt. So I'll enjoy the next 6 days off and be ready on day one (or something like that).

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Tech Camp (known as Summer Tech Institute to most participants) was a personal success. I actually think it was a team success-- my fellow buddies seemed to also have a productive week. I learned some new things, and really had some time to think about what I wanted to teach and how I wanted to teach it. That is always a cool thing-- and not always a guaranteed thing. I will remember these days in the dead of March when I'm in desperate need of inspiration!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

thinking of SJ

Looking for some easy, fun ways for my students to figure out their political affiliation. Who knew I was a liberal :)

Have fun!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

warms you twice

Our load of wood arrived last week... or should I say loads! Four, to be exact. Three by the wood burner, one by the swingset. We now have 10 cord waiting to be stacked. Now I don't mind stacking wood. It's sort of a zen activity for me, combined with puzzles: which piece fits best where, and when you're done for the day you can see the dent in the pile. Satisfying work.

Now if it would just stop raining long enough for us to get back out there we'd be good to go!

Monday, August 11, 2008

live and in color

How delightful to see all my RVBs and other teacher friends today! As much as I love my summers and living the life of the rich, I do enjoy spending my days with these dedicated, smart, and very caring individuals. Good to see you all! And remember, party at our place Saturday night! Hope you can come!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

welcome home?

So I'm back from my little trip. Nothing at all like the trip Joe just took, but it was a big deal for me, a self professed hater of travel: coast to coast in a long weekend. I went to Palm Springs, CA, to hang with my sick uncle. I literally sat on his couch for 3 days and watched movies with him, listening to stories. It was certainly worth the trip, especially since I wasn't flying out of LAX when the American Airlines flight had to return to the gate because it was on fire. Mike is to be commended for not calling me with the news update on that one :)

When the fam retrieved me at Logan, we headed to the Cape to see WB's Aunt. We've been visiting her summers since I entered the picture-- I think we only missed one summer of the last 15. (Fifteen years? Is that even possible???) We had a nice visit, and missed out on all the rain back home: two perfect beach days, one ok one. No complaints. We arrived home at 1 AM this morning.

Katie commented that we had brought the sunshine back with us, and we were grateful. After stories of flooded basements and rotting gardens and canceled trips, it was good news indeed. I had a fleeting thought about power outages, but nothing formed into a cohesive thought. Well, I needn't have worried. As if on cue, the heavens opened and the wind rose and just as we were about to watch synchronized diving... cut to black. Indeed, I am so sick of this.

Good news is it was only about 60-90 minutes without Olympic coverage. I wonder how many personal interest stories we missed out on?