Monday, September 02, 2013

back to life, back to reality

It's Labor Day weekend, which means, for us, anyway, that we've been back to school for a week. It always amazes me how quickly I adjust these days-- I used to struggle to get to sleep those first few weeks, but now it only takes me one night. Adjusting meal times is a challenge-- in the summer, we're usually eating lunch around 4, and now I'm supposed to have dinner ready at 6? Bedtime at 9 is only a challenge when we're eating dinner at 8:30...

Back to School is a lot like New Year's Lite: it's the start of a new year, and therefore a good time to make some changes. My goals are similar to what they were last January-- walk more, write more, and forgive more. The nice part about the "more" piece is success is relative. I really need to start walking, period, and that will be lots more than I'm doing now. Writing... I need to write, even when it's not easy. Forgiving is the easy one and the hardest one simultaneously; I'm pretty good at forgiving people in general, but I need to get better at truly not expecting more from someone than they are capable of giving. It's a fine line, that one-- holding people to a high standard, but not one they can't hope to reach. Connected to that is finding the same line for myself-- and forgiving myself for not being superhuman.

And so, for the next 40-odd weeks, this is the routine. Work, eat, sleep. Walk, write, forgive. Which I guess is the same routine as summer, except in summer time matters less. Either way, it's a good pattern.