Thursday, January 11, 2007

January is for...

... getting back into old habits! Not that 6 posts is a habit necessarily, but I took a few months off posting while I was taking 2 online classes for my certification. Because I just don't have the energy, I'll spare you my DOE rant, but I was focused on getting these courses done and out of the way so I could really focus on my classroom. So it's over, and now I have time to think.

I'm discovering that mid December through the end of first semseter is not a good time of year for my sunshines. (Yes, I do call my high school rough-and-tumble boys that, and yes, they do hate it!) Between poverty related issues intensified around the holidays and the fear of report cards bringing another reminder of how little credit they have, school is not where they want to be right now. If it wasn't so cold, they'd skip and just hang out in front of our local store. Today they shot elastic bands across the room at each other, and all attemps of mine to end this game were thwarted. Detention doesn't work (the middle school proved that!), suspension is really what they want to happen (because then it's not their fault), and giving more work just overwelms them (and "I just won't do it anyway"). So how not to repeat this tomorrow?

Since I can't call in a snowstorm on a dime, we'll have to take a different approach. I would rather reward good behavior than punnish bad. So... tomorrow we create a reward system. It has to be personal as well as for the group. Probably will need rewards twice a day until they get used to it-- and then some typical bribery as a class. Movies and popcorn, pizzas for lunch, candy.... those are easy. Perhaps a trip to a resturaunt for lunch one day? 15 minutes to sit and do nothing? I need to find out what motivates them (besides girls, of course) and use it to my advantage.

(Wish me luck!)

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The Renegaducator said...

Glad to see you back. I'm betting they don't really hate you calling them your "sunshines", but they probably make a pretty good show of it.