Wednesday, August 26, 2009

the single life

It is well documented that I do not enjoy being alone. Before kids, a 10 minute shower was enough alone time in a day... now I think somewhere around 45 minutes is perfect. Anyhow, 12 hours is far too long. Auntie gave me what for this summer, saying I need to get used to being alone. Well, thanks for your perspective, but I don't see that happening. She never married nor had kids, so obviously she likes the solitude of an empty house. Me... I did marry and still fill my house with kids at any opportunity. I like people and am and off the charts E, so... yea, people. I like 'em.

Yesterday we went shopping with my mom. Today I have a meeting until 3, so I asked if Gramma and Grandpa would like some visitors for an overnight. This means the kids get spoiled before heading back to the grind and I spend the night alone. Bestfriends saved me for dinner-- they made delicious grilled pizza and filled me with conversation. But let's just say I am looking forward to my meeting way more than is healthy: a room filled with 9 people is just what I need, no matter what we're discussing!


Wendy said...

I don't think I knew this about you ;).

I'm probably an "off-the-charts" *I*, and I don't really like crowds or lots of "people noise." I even think I'm developing a bit of social anxiety, and I really, *really* hate "new" social situations.

So, the time alone, for me, would have been kind of nice ;).

But I disagree with your Aunt, and I don't think any of us should ever "get used to" situations that make us feel uncomfortable.

hoyden said...

I think developing coping strategies is a good idea. Even if those strategies are developing a huge assortment of friends, acquaintances, and activities.

Me, I relish my alone time as much as I love my time with people. Too much of either one drives me crazy. You can call me Even Steven, I guess.