Friday, February 26, 2010

and just like that

I was feeling pretty good heading into Feb vacation with only 2 storm days. It's not yet March and we're up to 4. Just like that. If June is as rainy as it's been in past years, then I guess having school until the 16th won't be horrible, but I'm more worried about meeting up with my sister (maybe sisters?) in DC by the 22nd. I know it's all out of my control and there's nothing I can do to fix it, but I sure hope it all works out.

I'm gonna go have a cup of coffee and watch The Cash Cab. Because what else do you do on the second storm day in a row?

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Meg said...

I remember that in 2001 we had exactly one snow day heading in to February Vacation. So I paid for my plane tickets. Then, in March, we had 5 feet of snow and five snow days. With each snow day I got more and more nervous about our reservations. I turned out that we got out of school on the 14th and we were in Disney on the 15th. I've learned to count on at least 5 snow days a year.