Wednesday, December 22, 2010


For the record, I don't tell these tales looking for accolades. I tell them because writing about them helps me process. To be able to "let it go" when I've had a rough day. All the love I get from all of you is an added bonus.

So thank you for supporting me. It really does make my job easier.


Wendy said...

For my part, I never thought you were looking for kudos, but I offer them, knowing what it's like to be a classroom teacher in an environment in which criticism is freely offered and accolades are rare.

I also offer them, because I can see how much, how very much, you care about these children, how special they are to you, how much they frustrate you at the same time they tug at your heart strings, and I'm just moved (sometimes to tears) by how incredible *you* are to be able to continue to give so much of yourself. I'm thinking there must be this bottomless well of wonderfulness inside your tiny little body ;).

I know - not what you're looking for ... but true, at least where I sit ... nonetheless ;).

Happy holidays, Rach! Have peace and joy ... and lots of cookies :).

rach :) said...

Oh Wendy, thank you. You are right: I do care very deeply about my Sunshines. I don't view myself as doing anything radically amazing, I'm just doing what I do. But I know they are the ones that put up road blocks and try to make you not care, and usually succeed. So I accept their challenge... and refuse to play along.

I used to joke that while my siblings would all be on the cover of Time magazine for discovering something that would save the world, I'd be on the cover of Parade magazine, with a pile of kids all over me, and some cheesy quote like "I Did It All For The Kids". I may never make it to the Sunday fillers, but in my head anyway, I've reached my goal.

So thank you for saying it out loud, and I humbly accept the compliments... but know that I do what I do because I don't know how to do it any other way :)