Friday, July 29, 2011

friendship pasta

Last week, the men and the kids took off for HP 7.2. I have a whole soapbox speech about this series being turned into movies when kids were reading the books from which I'll spare you, but needless to say I chose not to go. Mrs. Bestfriend didn't go either because she's just not that into it. For dinner, we created a blue cheese pasta recipe using mushrooms and onions, and I will say it was pretty darned good. While looking through my kitchen to see what I could make for our party tonight, it hit me: summer squash.

Here's the recipe, without pictures because I'm not Pioneer Woman or a food blogger.

1 lb of cooked pasta, your choice

3 decent sized summer squash*, diced into 1" squares
1/2 an onion, diced  (I used a bunch of green onions*, because that is what I had... you could use garlic if that was your preference too)
1 green pepper* (again, going with what I had in front of me. Skip the pepper, use a hot pepper, whatever sounds good to you.)
1/2 cup heavy cream
2 oz blue cheese
2 oz feta cheese (or parmesan)

heat some EVOO in a pan and saute your onion and pepper. (If I'd had any mushrooms in the house, I'd have used them and added them here.) When those are softened, add the summer squash and cook for about 15 minutes, letting them soften up nicely. I covered the pan and turned it low so they'd simmer and not burn. When you start to run low on moisture, add about 2 tbls butter. When the veggies look the way you like them (I like mine pretty broken down) add the cream and cheeses, stir, and pour over your pasta. If it was winter, I'd probably then pour it all into a casserole dish and bake it, maybe with some break crumbs on top, but it's just fine without that last step. We have some vegetarians joining us tonight, so I left out the meat, but you could totally add chicken or shrimp as well. Give it a try and let me know what you think :)

*The veggies are from our Thurston Family Farm CSA. Have I mentioned I LOVE my weekly baskets?


Sarah (SJ) said...

Sounds wonderful, innovative, and flexible! My favorite characteristics in a recipe. Next time I see you I have lots of questions about Thurston's CSA, totally want in next year!

Sarah (SJ) said...

Oh, and you just got bookmarked in my "recipes" folder. Huge honor!

rach :) said...

Yea me! And I will give you tons of info on the CSA-- best thing we've done in years.

Katie said...

Both days were fun and very yummy.