Tuesday, July 01, 2014

friendly walk

One of my goals for this summer was to get back into walking. I had been doing 4-5 miles 3 times a week before my second foot got bad, and the subsequent surgery and rehab has had me on the couch for some time. Summer seemed like the right time to get back into it, although I hadn't yet ventured out on my own. Luckily my friend called to invite me to join her, and wasn't too upset that I brought my camera along.
She has some crazy dogs, who don't really like people, so she took me out to the snowmobile trails where it would most likely be just us. Oh, I could do some exploring out there! I hope to get back out there to document the different stages of wildflowers all season. Her dogs ran ahead, and were pretty good about circling back without needing to be called. She's good with them-- they are very well behaved, and she has obviously worked hard to make sure of that. It's well documented that I am not a dog person, but I don't mind being around her dogs, because I know they won't invade my space-- between them not liking strangers and her training, it's a good balance.
It was a good first walk. It's pretty hot and humid this week, so even going at 4 in the afternoon required a more leisurely pace. Add to that my lack of fitness and her 37 week pregnant belly, and you can imagine the lack of land speed records being set. Needing to stop periodically for pictures was great for us both.
Thanks for the invite-- here's hoping we do it  few more times before the baby comes... and many, many times after :)

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K said...

Thanks for going : ) And yes, imagine all the walking we will do once we live in Peru. I can show you all sorts of trails.