Wednesday, January 04, 2017

red blooded, all American female

It's the 4th day of 2017, and the 2nd snow day of the school year. I've been pondering this post for a week. What are my resolutions this year? Truth be told, I don't know.

I know what I should do: eat less junk, drink less alcohol and more water. Cut out sugar, if we're being serious. Increase my weight bearing activity and my stretching alongside my regular walks. But I'm not sure I'm ready to commit to those things yet.

Truth be told, I'm a conspicuous consumer, self indulgent, red-blooded American, just like everyone else in my world. Well, almost everyone else; we have an exchange student living with us for the rest of this year, and her diet is highlighting to me just how heavy ours is. If I tell the truth, though, I like it. I like macaroni and cheese and green bean casserole and steak and potatoes and lasagna. I like sugar, chocolate, salt, and alcohol. I like to cook as well as eat. And I'm just not ready to change any of that.

Perhaps it's the poultry thing, and the upcoming elimination diet. After my EGD in Feb I'll be trying to figure out what it is that is keeping my EoE agitated. That will basically mean I eat veggies (minus peppers and tomatoes) and rice for 4 weeks and then reintroduce foods to see what my trigger is. It's going to be a rough thing to handle, and very annoying for my family.

Truly, though, I think I just want to remain a fat American for a little bit longer. The changes I'm contemplating to my diet are life changing, and can become challenging to work around in American society... or maybe it'll be the best thing I've ever done. For now, however, I'm not ready to make the change.

So I guess my resolution is to continue thinking about making these changes, and paying attention to when I am ready to act.

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