Friday, December 18, 2009

it's beginning to feel like Christmas

Today my teacher friend made pancakes for her class, and had leftovers. She called our class in to enjoy the leftovers... but it wasn't just leftovers. She'd set the table for us, and we sat around and talked. Enjoyed each other's company. It was a really nice start to the end of a long week.

What is significant about this is the willingness of my class to play along. They sat, and talked to her about their lives. She got them to write down their resolutions. They were comfortable--welcomed-- and I could tell they liked it.

People often tell me it takes a special person to do what I do. Honestly, it really doesn't, but it does take a willingness to let go of control. To be seen as vulnerable as well as powerful. The magic happens in the vulnerable moments, and it was just so very cool that my neighbor got them to that magical place.

The holidays are not always easy for my sunshines. But today was. Nice.


hoyden said...

Yes, it does take a special person, and you are it.

Enjoy breakfast wherever you can get it, and whenever. (It's my version of enjoying every sandwich. Enjoy every pancake (and slice of bacon).)

Amity said...

Those minutes were the best of my week, hands-down.

Thanks for the centerpiece, it inspired the decorating :)