Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"It's good to know someone out there cares"

And it's good to have a bunch of sunshines for whom to care. (Even if they don't care that, though the previous sentences sounds wrong, it is grammatically correct.)

A good last day before Christmas vacation. I won't be as hokey as to say 'every time a bell rings...' but we shared some moments, and I think those who came in for the half day left more prepared for the joy(?) the rest of the week brings.

I do love my job, and am thankful every day that I found where I belong. Merry Christmas to all: I hope you are all where you belong, too.

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Wendy said...

The other day Eric was saying that one of his colleagues asked him if he (Eric) could "self-actualize" what would he be doing. Eric wasn't sure. He says he has a lot of interests, and while he's probably done with engineering, he doesn't know in which direction he wants to go next.

I thought about it for myself. If I had no barriers, what would I be doing? And I realized that I would be doing just what I'm doing. It was a pretty interesting thought exercise.