Friday, January 01, 2010

then and now

I have a bunch of posts floating around in my head, most of them related to reviewing the last decade. I've been thinking a lot about how different life was 10 years ago.. and how it's really all the same.

10 years ago we had a tiny newborn Girly and an almost 2 year old Boy. I spent my days with them and a 4 month old Nutty and 3 year old Beaner. The house was trashed, always, and some days I was lucky if I got dressed before Bestfriends arrived to retrieve their kids. I have never been more exhausted in my life. It was also the happiest I've ever been. I would relive those days in a heartbeat.

Now, the kids are 10, 10, almost 12, and 13(!) I don't see my other two as much as I'd like because we're all involved in all sorts of activities, but they are still my kids. When I see all 4 of them together, well, I am as happy as I was 10 years ago.

10 years ago I was 29, a stay at home mom, who never thought she'd go back to teaching. Now, I'm as unexcited about turning 40 as I was then about 30, and I can't imagine doing anything with my days except teaching my Sunshines.

10 years ago we lived in the village, in a place we knew we didn't want to be in forever. Now, we live on a dead end road 3 miles away from said village, and I hope to never move again.

10 years ago we didn't have cell phones, and had just gotten dial up internet. 10 years ago the Twin Towers still stood, and the Red Sox had not won a championship in living memory.

10 years ago my Fabulous Uncle lived in Palm Springs, and knew he had congestive heart failure. Now, he lives in Cannes, France. Lives. As do all 4 of our parents.

10 years ago Devon was planning her garden. Uncle Charlie was organizing his basement. Pam was drinking water from a mason jar. Dave was making jokes about chinese food. Memere Rose was in her RV.

10 years ago I got a new bathrobe. Now... I still have the same bathrobe that I wore every day for the last decade. I'm putting even odds that it will get me through the next one, too.


Nic said...

Well damn, looks like someone is getting a new bathrobe come April Fool's Day. Turning 40 isn't so bad, it's that it seems like everyone else is only 20 something that's bugging me. Whippersnappers. Happy New Decade my friend. -- Nic

Andrea said...

I love this post!! As a new "30 year old".. being 29 and a SAHM wondering if I will ever get back into the classroom some days yet dreading the thought of ever leaving my children other days I can really relate to you. And for what it's worth, I've always been told that the 30's can be your best years, and I am not sad one bit to kiss MY 20's GOOD-BYE!