Thursday, January 21, 2010

too drained for more than a list

So I'll counter the last optimist post with today's exhausted, overwhelmed state.

Random thoughts running through my head that I don't have the energy to put into complete, cohesive sentences:

*How hard is it to shut a light off when you leave the room? Seriously, I need to know, because I shut lights off in adult only spaces all the bleeping time.
*How can a short week feel so darned long?
*And how did I forget today was payday?
*While I know that I cannot undo in 6 what happens in 18, there are days that reality slaps you around and leaves you dazed. When I start to question the effectiveness of my days, you know it's a rough one.
*Tomorrow starts a family to family BBBS gig. Boy is excited about doing for someone younger what his BB did for him when he needed it. It's a good thing, on many levels.

1 comment:

hoyden said...

*You are channelling Dad. Not everyone grew up with him, remember.
*Trying to squeeze the same amount in less time, duh!
*Woo-hoo! Free money!
*Sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes, well... the bear eats you.
*Yay, excitement!