Thursday, March 04, 2010


There's a lot going on at school these days, and I'm happy to report it does NOT just involve the Sunshines. Yes, our world is still pretty chaotic-- I'd say we have a half a dozen major personal catastrophes going on-- but the main drama at the big school is not anything that had anything to do with any of us. So there.

I did have a thought last night, though, to try to run an after school study session kind of thing next year. The vision is I'd be here to either run a book club, or to let the graduates have access to computers and resume skills and anything else they need. Come read my newspapers and look for jobs. Come talk to me about a book you've read, or that we read together. Or just come talk to me.

I know I'll be alone most afternoons. But if one kid comes back to one session and I can actually be a resource for life long learning? Yea, that would be something.


Meg said...

You are a very good person, Rachel Buck.

rach :) said...