Wednesday, March 24, 2010

what the heck?

I've got to figure out what's bugging me. Earlier this week I had a nightmare that I was fighting with one of my friends (I think over another friend, but I can't confirm that). Those are my version of 'back to school' dreams; most of my friends have the teaching naked or forgetting to take a test variety, I have the fighting with my besties kind. And tonight when I headed to the doc for a quick check up, my BP was 150-something over 90-something. I know! It could be the large coffee... but it's more likely something bugging me that I haven't yet identified (see yesterday). I gotta figure it out soon, 'cause girlfriend doesn't like those numbers. At all.

(Friends who are nurses: don't be surprised if I bug you to do random BP tests on me!)

1 comment:

Wendy said...

Whoa! Rach. Not good!

I won't tell you what mine is, because you'd hate me, but I did switch from coffee to tea years ago, and mine's pretty low ... although my life isn't as stressful either.

I hope you find out what's messing with you soon ;).