Friday, April 23, 2010

that which doesn't kill us makes us stronger

As you all (probably) know, WB was gone on a trip to a foreign country. He went as a chaperone with a school group doing service work. He loves to travel, and I very much don't, which is why he went and I stayed home with our kids (who were not allowed to participate due to age).

We've been apart before, for various courses and opportunities. What we didn't expect was the inability to talk daily. I think it was a full 7 days from when he left home to when we first talked online. I am a very social creature, so I had a very hard time not telling him about all the things that happened in my day. Most of the stuff was trivial-- so-and-so called, your magazine came in the mail-- but I missed telling him those things.

A friend of ours husband is serving overseas, and she has been on her own since the start of the school year. I thought of her, and him, and their kids, constantly throughout our little separation. What right did I have to complain about 8 days, when he wasn't ever really in danger? It could always be worse (which I'm sure our friends are also thinking) and you take what life throws your way and learn from it. Did I miss him? You bet. Was it the end of the world that we had a mini-vacation from each other? Not even close. Had we realized we didn't miss each other at all, well, that would have been tragic.

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Jan said...

Good for you, Rachel!