Friday, October 01, 2010

it gets better

Eileen posted a link to this site, and wowie wow wow. Somehow, watching this, I'm disheartened and inspired all at the same time. The premise of this site is to tell kids who are homosexual suffering through middle and high school that it gets better. That it's worth enduring the humiliation; it'll get better when you get out of school. Don't give in to the desperation, don't kill yourself; it gets better.

I'm thrilled adults are taking the time to help teenagers who are suffering. The interwebs often get criticized for disconnecting people, and to see hundreds of adults reaching out to unknown kids... yea, this is certainly an upgrade. But as a high school teacher.... I'm crying. That thousands of our students are suffering the worst years of their lives with us, in our 'safe' classrooms, well, it's a reality that is incredibly hard to swallow.

 I know I try to make it better for all kids, but I also know that I don't always succeed. The comfort I take is that I am trying, and that is all I can do. But until we don't need the itgetsbetterproject, I will keep trying to make it better for all kids, no matter what makes coming to school the worst part of their day.


Katie said...

Did one of my siblings post this? Regardless, it's so meaningful!

rach :) said...

perhaps it was Eileen... my bad!