Sunday, October 03, 2010

you never miss your mother 'til she's gone

This week's Project Runway was quite intense. It was the same challenge as last season when they got to design their own textile, but with an added twist: the textile had to tell a personal story. It was a great addition to an already cool challenge. Add to this a contestant sharing a secret he'd kept for 10 years on the runway... well, even if you don't watch the show, you should watch this one.

It was billed as a 2 day challenge: day 1 to design the textile and get it made, and day 2 to use said fabric. The rest of day 1 was to shop at Mood and, I don't know, make patterns or something... but it turns out, they had flown their moms (and a few other family members) to NYC to visit, and they all got a day off. To say the workroom dissolved into a puddle of tears is an understatement.

What hit me most was how much these people still shine when their mom's validate their lives. And yet, it makes perfect sense. When I went school shopping with my mom this summer we were talking about my job, and I made a comment that what I do isn't magic.. and she jumped right in and said "Yes it is! I've always known you were going to do amazing things." I was shocked, because I had never realized they were proud of me for being a teacher-- and an alternative ed teacher at that. And it felt good to hear it. Really, really good.

I'm 40 years old, and have made choices about the direction of my life regardless of whether they'd have done the same thing. This isn't to say I've intentionally done things to disappoint them at all, but I guess I also hadn't thought I was still looking for their approval. But I am. We all are. Whether we're 6 years old looking out from the risers during the holiday concert or 32 and trying to make it huge in the fashion industry where our failures are very public... as long as mom is there saying "You're amazing!" we can all hold our heads high.


Wendy said...

I agree, and even at my age (which is > yours :), I would still like the approval of my parents. Unfortunately ....

When I told my parents that my book was being published - by a publisher who had even given me an advance (someone was paying me to write my book!) my mother's response was "Oh, that's nice. Did you get the package we sent?" Like I hadn't just told her that my life-long dream of being a published author had just come true.

Oh, well ;).

I think it's pretty awesome that your mom tells you that you're amazing - and I would agree with her ;).

rach :) said...

Thanks Wendy. It was a very amazing moment, even if we were sitting in a McD's at the time... icky!!!

Do let us know when said book is on the shelves. It is way cool. Congrats, again, on accomplishing that dream.