Sunday, November 28, 2010


It's been a big week of being conscious of being so lucky. And a big week for eating... which reminds me again just how lucky I am. It's like the Morton's Salt Girl of Thankfulness.

We started with Sunshine Thanksgiving on Tuesday. I can't really describe the magic of the event. To the outside world, I guess it doesn't look like much. But when I hear each reason they all have to be thankful... well, it gets me every time. I love that I am able to build that kind of relationship with them-- that school is not just for work, but it is also for positive relationships.

From there we headed to Cape Cod. It was a low key event this year, as Dave's brother in law had broken both his arms a few months ago, so his sister's family sat this one out. There were only 6 of us, and so the stress of having it all ready "on time" evaporated... we just cooked and played solitaire and Boggle and enjoyed each other. And then we ate. 4 pies for 6 people is a bit overkill, as was a 20+ pound bird... But then there are leftovers...

Yesterday Girly and I headed out shopping with some friends. We didn't get much, nor did we find any great deals. It started as an attempt to find more ideas for our PTO holiday store, but became a delightful day spent with wonderful people. Driving home in the unexpected snow wasn't as much fun... but we made it home, safe and sound.

Today was Gamma Day. Very few people in the world celebrate this holiday, yet it has become one of my favorites. It started when we'd go to Thanksgiving meals with 15ish people, and there were never enough leftovers to go around. So, we'd cook a second dinner for us, and invite our bestfriends over to share. The Bean named it in honor of her Gamma, and so it became our holiday. It's not always right after Thanksgiving-- we've had them in March before-- but they tend to be. And so we ended our three turkey week as it began; sharing our bounty with people we love and care about. I am incredibly thankful, for all the things and all the people, which put together make my life complete.


Katie said...

It's certainly nice celebrating Gamma day with you all. Yummy too!

Kiya said...

aww.. I remember Gamma Day! Thanks for bringing back that memory. :)