Saturday, January 01, 2011

healthy, wealthy, and wise

Since I started kindergarten in 1975 I've been tied to the school calendar. I think of today as being a continuation of my year, rather than the start of something new. I mean, when I go back to work I'll have the same kids in the same grades; change doesn't happen until June when everything is shaken up by graduation.

Except for making Resolutions, which I faithfully make and sometimes keep.

I guess it's the act of reflecting and reorganizing that appeals to me. And the optimism that comes with it-- that this year, I really will [insert goal here]. That every January 1, I get a chance to try again.

So, with a shout out to Ben Franklin for the theme, here goes nothing.

I'll try to follow Cooking Light's 12 Healthy Habits challenge. I like that they're focusing on one change a month, like eating more fruits and veggies in January and moving more in February. The idea, of course, is that once you get through the month the habit has stuck and you're ready to move on. We'll see if I can master 12 healthy changes in 12 months... I am giving myself permission to change the timeline as fits my life.

I want us to be smarter about our finances: to be more conscious of what I'm spending and do a better job of saving. I don't want to be rich, but I want to be debt free. Becoming debt free this year is not realistic, but changing how we handle our money is.

I need to spend more time reading and writing. Which might mean less time on this machine... which could make this the hardest one of them all.


Katie said...

Good luck!

Wendy said...

Maybe you could read and write on the computer ;).

Sounds like some great resolutions. I like the theme :).