Thursday, September 11, 2008

dancing with myself

Actually, that's not true-- at least not tonight. Dance is back, along with all my friends. There is a group of us--a core of eight-- who've met once a week during the school year for the last 8ish years to tap away our troubles and laugh our way through the winter. Fellow RVBer Katie joined us last year, and I'm thrilled she's come back to our crazy world! A few others mix in and out depending on the year and their schedules. I believe we started tonight as a group of 12, which is as many advanced dancers as we've ever had. It might not be the song we stick with BUT I LOVE THIS DANCE. I cannot say it more emphatically. It is hard, it is going to be a challenge, but man, is it going to be fun. I'm already tapping in the shower, waiting for the tea water to heat up, reviewing the steps I just learned a few short hours ago. Dance nights rock my world!

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