Tuesday, September 16, 2008


We went to see james last night, and even though I am EXHAUSTED today, it was a great show. I'm too old now to stand on a cement floor in a club with hundreds of other fans until 11:30 PM on a work night, so if this was the last show of this type we attend, it was a good one to end on. They played a great mix of old and new (they came on to Laid, which totally set the tone of the night). I could link you all sorts of great songs, but if you're interested, go to youtube and watch 'em. I love them. So does Boy and Girly and WB. We have such hip kids.

Their new album is awesome, which we've talked about before. Waterfall has probably the most relevant message to my life of any of my current favorite songs. It's chorus asks "How much junk in my life do I really need?" Want less. Great goal. I'm trying. Not there yet. Maybe never will be, but it's a great goal, no?

Off to bed. (And I'm not even lying. I'm too old for this nonsense, even if it's fun.)

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