Monday, September 22, 2008


Let me say right off the bat that I love my job and truly enjoy coming to work. I had a good day today-- I think we actually did some creative stuff (especially when I look back on what I was left with when I first took the job 4 years ago) that enhanced the kids understanding of the subject matter. Not bad for a Monday, no? Add to that kids coming to school when sick because they don't want to disappoint me by being accused of skipping (I sent one home because he really was too sick to be here, the other was able to suck it up and get through the day) and my vocational life is looking good.

My life as a parent.... well, not so much. I've got a kid afraid to go to one of the specials, and a parent meeting in the morning to figure it all out. Contrary to the public face I put on, I do not enjoy being "that mom" always complaining about the way things are going. Unfortunately, things are not going well and people need to know. Said child deserves to go to specials and not be afraid of why they'll be yelled at today-- especially in our "anti-bullying" environment.

I want to love my school system, but right now I just can't. Don't worry, we're not yarding them tomorrow or anything. It's certainly better than most alternatives, and is far from the worst one around, but this stuff is just getting old. At least we get free parking spaces and don't have to worry about William Inspections. It's all about perspective, I guess.


Wendy said...

Not being "in" the school system (any school system :), I don't know what you mean by "going to the specials."

Sorry to be an ignorant reader ;).

I also don't understand what you mean by "yarding them."

I did have a conversation with a mom at my girls' dance school. She works in the school system, too, and when her daughters were younger, she was able to work within the system to ensure that her girls received the kind of care they (and all children) deserved. I mentioned that when I was teaching, I often felt like I was all alone in this sea of kids. I never saw the parents. I would have liked to have met them. As a former teacher, I applaud the "that mom"s that I meet these days. There should be more.

rach :) said...

specials are the things like art, music, gym, keyboarding, etc that a elementary school does outside of the main classroom teacher.

yarding them means yanking someone out of whatever it is you're talking about (class, school, game), usually with some strong emotion tied to it.

thanks for supporting the "that mom"s everywhere!