Sunday, March 22, 2009

end of an era?

Normally, when anyone asks (see Facebook) "What's your favorite sport to watch?", my answer is "NCAA Mens College March Madness". For reasons unknown to me, that has not been true this year.

I've thought about this all weekend, and there may be a few things going on. First, I was busy all afternoon Thursday. Not home until 7 PM... meaning I'd missed a lot of the early games. And I am tired-- bone tired-- daily, meaning I was not about to stay up until midnight watching Cinderella. Friday turned into another late afternoon-- home at about 7 after Friday DT and then a spontaneous dinner date with WB. The kids were with bestfriends, so I could watch some L Word without them seeing things they shouldn't. By the time they went to bed, I just wanted to finish that disk... so no games Friday. By then I was out of the pattern of games all weekend. Hmmm...

More importantly, I think was not being involved in a live pool. I'm in Don's FB pool, but I can't find the link half the time and I didn't write my picks down, thinking it'd be easy to find online. Silly me. I did not talk to anyone about it all month-- no students interested, no one in my building to chat it up and get excited. I like watching college ball for sure, but I think I really like the trash talking with my friends. Having a group to rehash the upsets with-- and to see who was damaged by the upset and who is back in the running for bragging rights. No hype this year is definitely a factor.

I could just take the sisterly way out and blame hoyden for letting me know about Dickie V's true personality. That knowledge is a factor-- I used to love watching his excitement, and learning he's a jerk takes the fun out of it for me. While that is a tempting solution, it's realistically a combination of it all. We'll see what happens next year... I may just need to start a pool to bring the fun back into March.


hoyden said...

I never watch that much on my own -- basketball is the sort of thing I need a crowd to get into. But I did join a pool at school (it's a fundraiser for the AP tests, no less) although I forgot to write down my picks. Silly me. Of course, I had Dook losing in the first round and Carolina going all the way. Except for my boys in light blue, I think my bracket is f'd.

Sorry about the truth, but I spent one too many games searching for warm water and a lemon for the man. He has God knows how many high-paid, high-power assistants, get someone to toss a lemon into your briefcase before you get on the plane, you loser. I got paid a whopping $60 a night to deal with his crap -- which is not enough for any crap -- and to do my actual job. Oh, and he's a Dook fan. That tells you quite a bit.

Katie said...

If you do a pool next year, I will join you for sure. It makes March Madness so much more fun!!! So how about it!? Is 2010 our year because I'm serious. Remember how much fun that was?