Sunday, March 01, 2009

yankee ingenuity

In our continuing quest to keep the home fires burning, we need more wood-- turns out 10 cord cut and split is not enough to feed the furnace. So, a few dead trees around need to come down. Getting them down is the easy part... getting them to the furnace takes a bit of effort. I don't mind putting them on the kids sled and dragging them back a piece or two at a time, but WB got the idea to build a better sled. So he did. We had some old cross country skiis around, sans bindings, and he created a base from left over pieces of 2x4s. All he had to buy was screws. I love that kind of project: it works, it's recycled, and costs less than $5.

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SJ said...

This is much more impressive than the "flagstender" that I created (and blogged about) last year to extend my buried mailbox flag. Two thumbs up to WB!