Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Geek 101

One of the resonating memories of my childhood is sitting at the dinner table figuring out the Punnett Squares on the likelyhood any of us received any given trait and the percentage breakdown of our heritage. Tonight, the darlings asked what percentage German they are. Finally! Some fun family math to pass our evening. Unfortunately, the WB side is not as simple as mine, so we're dealing in approximations, but our best guess is about 25% German, 25% Italian, 33% British Isles (with the details a bit hazy) and 17% random. As WB noted, "... a bunch of these guys were sailors, so who really knows..." They're glad they have enough Irish in them to claim a real part in St. Patty's day (which we celebrate, as we do all cultural holidays, with food), and I'm just so excited to play math games.

You just don't get any geekier. I know.


SJ said...

Here is a link that for even more family fun math: http://www.figurethis.org/about_ft.htm

hoyden said...

Aw, rock on with your geeky self.