Tuesday, June 23, 2009

an inconvienent truth

I'm sitting here watching the first round of Wimbledon play, listening to the rain fall. I have been a faithful watcher since 1983-- I can remember my mom bringing her little B&W TV into the bathroom and watching as we cleaned-- but I don't ever remember watching the first round. So why this year, you ask? Because usually in late June it is hot and sticky and we're heading for a beach rather than huddled under a blanket on the couch. The sun is out in England-- fans are sweating in the hot sun, and no sign of the rain delays I'm used to seeing.

WB is headed to Auburn to look for light bulbs, a new blind to replace the broken one, a fleece for his dinosaur hunting class, and maybe some wood to build an ark, just in case.


SJ said...

WB might want to get two of all of those items if you are going to build an ark.

Katie said...

Good point SJ.

Maybe you can bring back some sunny weather from Montana? Although I can't take a full three weeks of this kind of weather, so maybe take the inclement weather with you and drop it off in MASS?