Wednesday, June 03, 2009

theme of the year...

So for those playing along, we've had some financial incidents this year. Ovens, windshields, tires, batteries, water pipes... no need to rehash. Things got a little better, but the overarching emergency repair theme continues. The lawnmower is currently unusable, and has a few more weeks patiently waiting for it's appointment. The standup freezer has been making noises, and we were hoping it would hold off until it got a bit emptier, but no luck. When I called the kids this afternoon, Boy reported a red liquid coming from underneath it ("It looks like strawberry juice!") . I stopped for ice on the way home.

The good news is we knew it was coming, and the freezer wasn't packed full. I've got one cooler filled and the rest in the little freezer. I only had to throw a few things away, and 'had' to make a pitcher of daquiris tonight to deal with some of the (barely) frozen berries. The bad news is we really need another freezer, and now need to figure out what we want to get and where to put it. It should be bigger than what just died if we're going to keep buying cows. What was that I was saying about life getting in the way of paying down my debts?

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Katie said...

Bummer for you guys. You'll come up with a plan that'll work for your purse strings and tummies.