Saturday, September 26, 2009

don't want to change a thing

Yesterday we took a field trip to the "hippy fair". I don't like to organize field trips, but I recognize their value. For me, they give me the chance to say 'I trust you. Meet me at XXX time. Be good.' At the fair, they were. Checked everything out and had a great time. Sure, their interests are a bit more varied than mine, but whatever. They were talking to groups in the political and social activism tent, and that's what counts. They saw a part of our state they might not ever have seen otherwise. That's a success.

I ended up getting off the bus 30 minutes early so I could head to Boy's soccer game-- which I did not think would happen. We left earlier than I'd thought, and WB later than I'd guessed... and my Eddie T. (ed. tech) offered to finish out the bus ride so I could see my son. How do I argue with that? I explained it to the sunshines... and not "5 minutes after you got off the bus" one of them decided to use his lighter on a bracelet they were making. There will be official consequences, but there will also be consequences with me. And people wonder why I hate field trips.

Boy's game was incredible. His grade, both boys and girls, are loving soccer and starting to think the game. I'm so glad I got to see it-- it was amazing to watch. They are going to be a fun group to follow through to graduation. Good kids, good skills, and good parents to hang with. Hope Girly's group proves as strong.

When we got home, I had a letter in my mailbox from a graduate. He was just writing to tell me how he was doing and asking me for an update of my family, too. If there was any question that I was succeeding at my connectedness goal, it's gone. His life may not look the way I hoped it would, but he's making the best of it, and telling someone about it. Pretty darned amazing.

So I guess these random field trips are worth it. You never know what it is that will pay dividends, but something is working.

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