Wednesday, September 23, 2009

learned from the best.

Last week, we had the first PTO meeting at Boy's middle school. I don't mean 'first' like the first of this year, but 'first' like first time this decade, maybe first ever. I was hoping for 3 parents to be there with me and the principal. Dreaming of 5. What we got were 7 parents and 4 more who wanted to be there but couldn't. Um, yea, I left there feeling pretty psyched (I'll spare you the REM theme song running through my head).

I have no idea where this group is going, and right now I don't really care. What matters is that we're trying and we're moving forward. Doing something to make things better. There's been an athletic boosters around for awhile, and we're trying to add to the collective community volunteering. That's always a cool thing.

Since then, I've been thinking of my friend Devon. A lot. She was the Volunteer Coordinator in my little school where I first earned a paycheck. She was Super Volunteer. As late as 1992, we had 3 volunteers come in daily to help serve lunch. (Yes, one paid employee and 3 volunteers-- welcome to rural living. My first paychecks were hand written and not computer generated. I kid you not.) She called the willing participants and figured out who worked when. She filled in when someone was sick. She organized the training at the beginning of the year and the Volunteer Appreciation Banquet at the end of the year. And she did everything in between. What happened last week is nothing compared to what Devon pulled off in her sleep, but I have to say, it feels pretty amazing to be channeling her energy. I've been involved in our elementary PTO since Boy started kindergarten, and now working with 2 schools... I guess it's nice to know that she's still here beside me, helping me help our students.


hoyden said...

Three things:

1) Rock on with your bad self.
2) It's always good to channel those who are no longer with us, because then they really are still with us.
3) Never spare us the REM. (Is it "I Am Superman"?)

rach :) said...

...feelin' pretty psyched! It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine.