Wednesday, September 30, 2009

no no drama. you don't want no drama

Today was one of those days where I wonder if I am a lightening rod for drama. Do I thrive on it? I am certainly moved to action as a result of it. My day started simply enough-- I was even early for LAW (I know!)-- and the session was a good one. But when I arrived in my room, I discovered my partner had resigned, giving no notice. OK! Plan B! It was a scene for awhile, but it settled down before lunch... to have me return to some student drama, which has not yet been resolved. That required me to find a 'don't touch me corner', and a few phone calls which were cut short for various reasons. After that, the remaining sunshines lost their ability to hold it together-- the classroom dissolved into absolute silliness, and I realized it was better to just let the mood take hold and just survive.

After school was all about making non-stress bags for our grades 3-8 students starting state mandated testing tomorrow. (I enjoyed the irony of making stress kits with the other PTO moms while my day had been all about the stress; just sticking with the theme, I guess.) It took longer than I'd hoped, which meant switching vehicles with WB who had to take Girly to gym (again). But now all that's left in my day is getting some dishes done, getting Boy to his haircut, and getting dinner together. Silly me... I checked email. Turns out my Fabulous Uncle is MIA: my mother emailed asking when I'd last heard from him, as he hasn't answered her emails or those of another uncle. I'm not sure I even have a number to reach him in France. Great.

So do I invite the drama or does it just find me? I've gone quite a bit without it, so I'm hoping today was just my turn to be the epicenter. And, if you feel otherwise, please give me a few days to settle down before bursting my bubble.


rach :) said...

Fabulous Uncle update: I've heard from him most recently, so chances are he's just keeping quiet rather than truly MIA. Phew.

hoyden said...

Does someone need to give him the Just let us know you're alive" talk? It is a genuine concern.