Wednesday, November 04, 2009

finishing feels pretty fine

This has been a big week around the yard. Yesterday, my go-to family for fixing the structural damage in our homes finished the sill project. I don't have a bill... yet... but I'm looking forward to paying it off and resting easily through the winter knowing my house isn't going to collapse as the snow melts away. This has been on my mind for 2 winters, so ya, this is a pretty exciting development.

Today, my CLP certified wood harvesting graduate finished cutting the 9(.1) cord of tree length wood. Well, the 5 cross pieces that kept the majority of logs out of the dirt need to dry off and be cleaned by rain to not ruin the chainsaw, but the pile is gone. Cut and stacked. Ready for winter and snow and cold. I cannot adequately express the relief that gives. Such a relief, actually, that I am planning on ordering another truckload to start seasoning for next winter... but that pile won't bother me all winter. That pile will be my Boy Scout Be Prepared pile. I feel a little like Frederick's industrious family, while also feeling as giddy as Frederick himself.

Monday the indoor wood stove arrives, and we'll need to get seasoned pieces to fit it. We need to get the chimney cleaned. But tonight I feel like this winter isn't going to kill my body, shivering away as the temperature drops. It's a really nice feeling.

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