Monday, November 02, 2009


So last night I was doing dishes. Which I do a lot, because the dishwasher died a while ago. WB comes in from the living room, having just figured out what is wrong with my feet and my back: dishes. By standing at the sink and constantly doing dishes, I'm putting extra stress on my already weakened feet, which then impacts my back. Which he knows because doing dishes is even harder on his back than it is on mine.

But I just convinced him to allow us to buy a new wood stove, for about twice as much as we can afford. How can I justify buying a new dishwasher? Especially since we need to fix the problem that caused the original dishwasher to be unusable? The look in his eyes, though, told me the cost of not fixing it is greater, and in fact, more expensive.

It just might be a good week to play the Megabucks.


Katie said...

It's your health and comfort, so I agree with WB...Although I totally get that racking up debt stinks.

On the other hand, maybe you can hire out dish washers and expand on the "work for a new i-pod" program.

Either way, there's going to be a cost when all's said and done.

Wendy said...

When/if you play the Megabucks, I hope you win :).

Eric does the dishes here. It's a trade-off, because I do all of the cooking (two to three meals per day). He likes that I convinced him to get a dishwasher all of those years ago ;).

Meg said...

Get the dishwasher! Is the cost of a dishwasher less than the cost of surgery on your foot? Make sure to take into account the time it would take for recovery. In the long run, the dishwasher will almost certainly be less expensive.