Wednesday, November 25, 2009

my life in the movies

There's been a lot going on around here. Besides the regular craziness that is my life, I had 2 fundraisers from 2 different schools end before break. For all you leaders of varied groups out there, here's some free advice: do NOT run two fundraisers simultaneously. It'll make your head spin.

Last Friday I counted money and finalized the order for fundraiser 1. I had Friday DT duty, so why not use that time to my benefit, right? I ended up asking the kids why they were in Friday-- what did you do to get here? I'm not kidding when one kid looked at me and said "I didn't have anywhere better to be." And there he sat, for 2 hours, working on his essay for English. I've had kids show up for a Friday a week early not realizing they had the date wrong (and I NEVER turn them away-- if you come, you must know something that I don't), but never did I think I would live out this John Hughes moment.

Yesterday we had our student Thanksgiving. We got to a local church and made the full meal, and then delivered to local elderly and administrators who couldn't join us. And then we went around the table and highlighted one thing for which we were thankful. One of my seniors summed it up well: "I am thankful to be a senior but also thankful to know that even though it's my last year at school it's not my last year here." I am just as thankful for that as she is.


Katie said...

Your student's comment was articulate and touching. You have a nice tradition. Can't stop that one.

rach :) said...

Thanks Katie. It is a great tradition, and it's not going anywhere :) I think it's my favorite day of the school year.

hoyden said...

There isnothing better than a Breakfast Club DT moment. Now that is something to be thankful for.

And for something completely different: I just rode the moving walkways in the Phoenix airport AND heard the lady tell me that there was no parking in the red zone. I am reliving Thanksgivings of our youth. Do you play water karate?