Wednesday, July 21, 2010

at the top of the hill

WB pointed out to me that we're at the half-way point of summer, but sure doesn't feel that way. I guess the 3 day R3 conference I'm attending next week and the 7.5 days of work scheduled for August are coloring my view. Regardless, the math doesn't lie, and here we are. Katie agrees.

Bestfriend dubbed this "The Summer of No Regrets", and I do believe it's an apt title. We've gone to DC to meet up with my siblings and to Quebec City as just us. We've had lazy days around the house and have taken off in an attempt to find a body of water. We've watched Wimbledon, World Cup, Tour de France, and baseball. We've been to weddings and hung around with friends. We've cooked, grilled, canned, and enjoyed the bounty from WB's garden. The kids have socialized here, there, and everywhere. And the sun has shone through most of it... yes, there have been no regrets this summer.

We still have a month to go, and even with the work days creeping in, we have much left to do. We go to the Cape with WB's sister next week. Our party is coming up (are you coming???), as are other gatherings. And we still have a month of evenings to sit around and not worry about what time it is and what we need to wear when we get up. No regrets, baby.


Wendy said...

Halfway, huh? I don't even remember when it began. It's hard to believe it's half gone.

Unfortunately, this isn't the "summer of no regrets" for us, but it will be remembered as the "summer of lessons learned" - and hopefully, we'll look back with nostalgia ... and some humor, but no remorse ;).

Katie said...

Oh I'm with you all the way on this post. My goal is to enjoy August because WB is right; summer is only half over. There will be time in my classroom putting things back in place and a couple paid days to work on curriculum with my grade level peeps, but there will still be opportunities for fun! (I think I have another blog post in me!)

And yes, we're coming to your party. (Although I think you already knew that.)