Monday, July 05, 2010

dip me in the water

Different places have different smells. You know what I'm talking about-- ocean air is heavy with an undertone of Coppertone and fried seafood; public pools have a harsh chemical smell where private ones smell clean; isolated ponds with little direct sun smell cold and untouched. Babbling streams where the unexposed rocks are coated with slippery flora but have been smoothed by the passage of time have a distinct smell as well. It's harder for me to describe, but the closest I can come is understated. Beautiful, yes, but in a quiet, confident way, without needing hundreds of people lining it's shores saying so.

Today, we set out in search of water, and ended up here. Once we'd slid down the little hill to the shoreline, my nose confirmed that we had, indeed, found the place of which we were seeking.


Katie said...

Great spot!

Wendy said...

Gorgeous! Hope you had fun exploring it ;).

Sarah (SJ) said...

Streams smell like an afternoon adventure for me. When I was little and swimming at Worthly Pond I was adventuring on the stream. Thanks for the olfactory tour down memory lane.