Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Blame SJ

This is the one I remember watching as a 6 year old. It is definitely a family identifier.

Boy's favorite at about 18 months. We'd sing this before bed. I was getting to be very preggo, and he'd "spread out the cape" and everything. Those were good times.

As lifetime president of the Cookie Monster Fan Club (started at BHS in 1987), I'm a sucker for the classics.

For my hubby...

Girly didn't latch onto one skit so much as all of them. We'd sing this one a lot, in the tub, and do the little dance too. Our kids do love the catchy tunes...

I could go on all night. You get the point. I can't find a complete set of the Bert and Ernie Gift of the Magi retelling, but I'll keep looking. It is what makes Sesame so brilliant: a classic story told in a way 4 year olds will understand and parents will enjoy watching. I honestly think Sesame Street is my favorite show ever.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for making me look this one up. I literally laughed out loud, and hoped I didn't wake anyone. Grover is the original middle school teacher..."I'm so glad you understand. Oh, you don't? I'll do it again!"

Weather Boy

Beth said...

Sesame Street is the best show ever, no doubt.