Friday, May 02, 2008

winding down

No matter when it is, recital weekend marks the beginning of the countdown. It means free time, which means summer is around the corner. I start counting things like how many Mondays, which is usually a different number than the rest of the days remaining. How many LAWs? When I get to how many trips between my building and the high school, we've definitly hit the home stretch.

For those wondering, the recital went well tonight. A few techie issues that were out of our control, but the dancers all did well. There were only 2 big groups this year, which made it a lot easier. Looking forward to tomorrow... after about 1PM :) Bring on summer!

Day 2 is in the books. One minor technical glitch, but otherwise, a great day. I think the adult groups looked the best ever. But it's done! Wahoo!


Beth said...

dance recitals, seeing the girls heading over to Charlotte's to tan for prom, seeing the track team run around town...all good signs that summer is on its way

Mike said...

I've been pondering a post about my summer count down as well. It's all about fingers. What can you count on one hand and when you take one more finger away.

katie said...

The adults certainly had fun, huh? What a nice conclusion. We're embarking on the final push. (Here's to having a wonderful summer. (Can't wait!)

Anonymous said...

Hey Rach! I've laughed myself silly reading your blog! :) Great recital, awesome dancers. I agree, the adults were on spot this year. Hubster got some great shots of your little ones, I'll share them soon.

rach :) said...

So great to hear from you Missy! Can't wait to see the pics! Thanks for writing in :)

rach :)