Thursday, May 29, 2008

consider this my radio player thingy

Amity and I had a moment to chat in the halls today, and we got talking music. I mentioned a few half full bands I thought she might like after she said she loved Weather Boy's sidebar thingy (so 21st century of me, I know). Here's a list for anyone interested in googling a few cool bands who are mostly happy about life. I can't promise everything on this list is classroom safe or that it would pass any family values tests, but I can promise you it makes me hop up and down.

Cowboy Mouth
Barenaked Ladies
Ben Folds
Wonderlick (one offshoot of Too Much Joy, to which Weather Boy refers.)
The Hold Steady*
Great Big Sea
Ben Lee
The BoDeans

*definitely NOT family values appropriate, nor do I condone the drug induced life style mostly sung about. I do love the stories, though, and can't help but turn it up and sing at the top of my lungs....


phenomemom said...

hmm.. would the Cure be considered half-full? Probably not, huh?

How about Morrissey? No?

Then I vote for Weezer. Old Weezer.

Wendy said...

BNL has a children's album. Didn't know if you'd heard or not, but my girls love the song "7, 8, 9." YouTube has a cute video of it ;).

rach :) said...

I've actually been hesitant to buy it. I guess I just don't believe there needs to be a difference-- a great song is a great song, and kids and adults can all enjoy the same stuff, together.