Monday, May 05, 2008

not this kind of spring fever!

So I guess I've caught the cold going around the school: sore throat, congested lungs, runny nose. Not a fun time, but it most certainly could be worse. I am not planning on using a sick day though, because one more day off kicks me out of the bonus money. Granted, the bonus money for missing 3 days isn't that much, but it's equal to one day trip somewhere this summer, so it's worth plugging on.


Anonymous said...

First, I hope you feel better, Rach! You know the drill: force fluids, Tylenol every four hours and get plenty of rest.

Second, you get bonus money for not missing more than three days? That is awesome! How does that work?

SJ said...

Hope you feel better! Being sick at school is bad enough, being sick at school in the spring is the worst!

katie said...

This is why I dislike the whole bonus money thing. Those that I love go to school sick.

rach :) said...

Yea, it is stupid to not use my sick days. If I hadn't had 2 full days of meetings scheduled followed by make up SATs and then an away track meet, I might have taken a day off. I'm hoping that by Friday, when I "can" take the day off I'll be feeling better!!!

We get a graduated bonus for missing 0, 1, 2, or 3 days due to personal reasons or sickness. It does help keep you from just blowing off a day, but not so good when you really aren't doing anyone but yourself any good when you go.