Monday, October 05, 2009

I see you!

One of the little joys of my life is waving to people while driving. I take pride in recognizing other people as they approach, even though many of my friends don't recognize me. The best part of this game is reckoning time. I see one friend on her way to work as I am heading to school; where I see her helps me realize how early or late I am. Today, I was at the stop light in town when I saw her. I think it was she who was running late, not me. Phew.

When we took our field trip to the fair, I watched our bus driver wave to every other bus driver who passed. There's a slight chance that he knew them all, but it's highly unlikely. I think it's like biker culture or trucker culture: you wave because you're part of the same club.

It always come back to belonging I guess. Even when driving.

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SJ said...

There was nothing like my first wave on my motorcycle. Actually, it was when I was on my scooter. When driving my scooter I waved to every biker and none of them waved back (big surprise). But after days, weeks, and months of waving I got my first wave back while on my scooter. Now as a regular "Big Girl Bike Rider" I wave to all bikers no matter what they are driving.

As another side note, all Subaru WRX drivers wave to each other, but since we drive such a cool care was have to wave in a very cool way - a slight tip of the chin.