Sunday, October 18, 2009

cooking up a storm

I'm not quite sure what came over me tonight, but after dinner I prepped 2 meals and planned out the rest of the week. I am typically a pretty spontaneous cook, and I blushing-ly say I do pretty well using most of our food and wasting very little. For example, last week we had boiled dinner with ham on Sunday, followed by mac and cheese with ham and broccoli and then pea soup with the ham veggies, and stock. I love doing things like that.

Today as I was getting a beef roast (from a mile up the road) and squash (from 2 miles down the road) ready for dinner, I stumbled on 2 sad peppers. This knowledge floated around my brain, and while at the grocery store I decided to saute them up with an onion and make fajitas tomorrow. Well, fajitas have become burritos, and we'll have them on Tuesday instead: I'll put them together after my meeting and they can bake while I'm dancing. Half the onions/peppers, hamburg, refrieds, and the last of a bottle of salsa; all that's left is to put them in wraps and add cheese. Boy has his last soccer game tomorrow, so potato pancakes will be quick and easy, especially since the applesauce is already made. Wenesday is spaghetti day, so I think the sauce I made with the other half of the onions/peppers/hamburg will be perfect. (It'll also use up the leftover spaghetti with garlic butter from Girly's Brian's Bistro meal.) Thursday, well, WB is at a conference and I'm scheduled to scrapbook, so I think we'll end up ordering something. Not bad for 45 minutes of work, huh?

Some weeks are a struggle to put meals together, so I'm going to enjoy the inspiration while it lasts. I think my family will, too :)

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