Friday, June 20, 2008

Remember Me?

So I finally started (and finished) Sophie Kinsella's Remember Me? that SJ had paid forward from Beth, who had won it from bookbabie. It was a quick read-- I started and finished last night. While I found it a little bit predictable, it was a perfect book for the start of summer.

So... anyone want the book next? The rules say I'm supposed to pass it on to another blogger. Weather Boy has already kindly acknowledged that it's not his style of book. Katie? Amity? Wendy? I don't think I have a huge list of people reading me, so really, speak up if you're interested in playing along in our roving book club.


SJ said...

Great to hear that you enjoyed the book. Since reading Remember Me? I have read all of her other books. Predictable yes, great escape, yes. Am I ready to read something else, yes. Glad to see that you are playing along with the "game" and posting! Can't wait to see who gets it next!

Anonymous said...

It was a quick fun read for me too, sometimes I need a break from "thought provoking" :)

Glad you enjoyed it!

Wendy said...

If you haven't passed it along to anyone else, yet, I would love to read it and forward to someone else. I've been reading a lot of "eco" literature, which is, kind of, not real ... uplifting :). Some light reading might be just what I need :).