Sunday, June 29, 2008

since you know everyone

For awhile now, Mike has used me as his personal phone book. "It's easier to call you than to look it up" was the answer to my question of "why?" We've laughed a lot about my ability to remember phone numbers, and chalked it up to local folklore. Well, turns out this talent of mine is well known, but I really don't know how it happened.

Just about a year ago my then principal called me after a board meeting to ask my ed tech's home phone number. That seemed odd to me, since he should have had access to the office records of not only home numbers but emergency addresses, but whatever. Maybe it was easier to just call the person who worked with him all the time and assume I knew the number. (Turns out I did, along with his cell numbers.)

Last week I got another call from a friend's husband. "Since you know everyone in town, do you know the number of the animal control officer?" Yes, in fact, and I have it committed to memory. Don't ask me why-- there really is no good reason.

I guess I should take comfort knowing that if my day job ends I'll be employable as an operator, and have lots of solid references.


Mike said...

Perhaps this is why you hate google searching! Your brain works at some massively different level. At some point the animal control officer smelled of strained peas and you naturally associated that with the fact that he was giving you his phone number at the point.

However it works, it's great for the rest of us.

SJ said...

Should I file my home and cell numbers with you? Is there an official process to get into the "Rach memory bank", a form?

rach :) said...

No forms required, just reasons for me to remember it. And by reasons, I mean things like having heard the number as I was watching Wimbledon and the number reminded me of the score.

Katie : said...

Connections are key to learning anything.

Wendy said...

That's pretty incredible. I suck at numbers. Heck, I don't even remember my own number most of the time ;).