Saturday, August 23, 2008

oh, why not?

Another fun little show and tell... thanks Katie and Amity!

Nine things I want to do before I die
1. own a camp
2. have gotten to know my grandchildren
3. perform a tap dance with Boy and Girly
4. retire in good health
5. own a pool and a hot tub
6. convert to solar
7. be debt free!!
8. visit New Orleans
9. see the kids grow into happy, contented adults

Eight things I'm wearing
1. life is good tee shirt
2. tank top
3. shorts
4. barrette in my hair (I really can't cope without one)
5. glasses
6. engagement ring
7. wedding band
8. mother's ring

Seven things I appreciate
1. my family
2. my friends
3. good writing
4. modern comforts: electricity, heat, running water....
5. sweaters!
6. my sunshines
7. flexiblity (of all sorts)

Six things I touch everyday
1. WB, Boy, and Girly
2. kitty
3. dishes (clean and dirty)
4. laundry (ditto)
5. my laptop
6. food!

Five things I do everyday
1. love
2. laugh
3. think
4. plan
5. eat

Four songs on my mind
1. A Different Kind of Love by Too Much Joy
2. Waterfall by james
3. Certain Songs by The Hold Steady
4. that Olympic song that plays at every comercial break...

Three things I think of when I wake up
1. ten more minutes
2. ten more
3. not yet...

My two favorite foods
1. summer veggies fresh from the garden
2. low salt Lays potato chips

One person I love more than any other
1. WB, although Boy and Girly are right there too

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