Sunday, August 31, 2008

99 more just like that one...

..and Boy's college will be paid for! Today we found out that when the Sea Dogs said "finalist" what they meant was "winner!" Yes, he is now a scholarship recipient at the age of 10. I couldn't be prouder of him-- for doing what I asked, for doing it well, and for being humble about it all once he'd won. Girly is to be commended, too-- she also wrote an essay, never once complaining that she didn't win, and is as proud of her brother as we are. We are lucky to parent them both.

For those who care, here is the $1000 essay:
If I had to choose between going to the Olympics and taking a college baseball scholarship, I would need more information. How much is the scholarship? Where are the Olympic Games being held? How much will it cost me to get to the Games? Would I be able to go back to college and still play on the baseball team? There are a lot of questions that would need answering!

Going to college on a baseball scholarship would mean I would not have to pay for my degree while being able to play college baseball. I would become a better baseball player while being able to learn what I need to be successful in life. Major League scouts go to college games, so there would be a chance of me playing in the Major Leagues-- which would be pretty cool!

Going to the Olympics would also be pretty cool. It would mean I would be participating in a once in a lifetime experience. I would get to meet people from other countries and compete with them. I would also have the chance to earn an Olympic medal, which would mean a lot to me. Having an Olympic medal would increase my chances of playing in the Majors.

This would be a very hard decision. Ultimately, though, I would choose going to the Olympics. Even though going to college is important, I can do that anytime. This could be my one chance at the Olympics, and I’d have to take it.


Anonymous said...

Good job Ben!! (and Cate!)
Gracies Mom

Beth said...

Congratulations! That was a good essay--funny and thoughtful. You should be very proud, mom.

Mike said...

Ben rocks!

Wendy said...

Wow! How exciting for you all!

phenomemom said...

Yay! I was hoping the actual essay would be on your page! SO so cool! Definitely a moment to remember. :)