Sunday, August 10, 2008

welcome home?

So I'm back from my little trip. Nothing at all like the trip Joe just took, but it was a big deal for me, a self professed hater of travel: coast to coast in a long weekend. I went to Palm Springs, CA, to hang with my sick uncle. I literally sat on his couch for 3 days and watched movies with him, listening to stories. It was certainly worth the trip, especially since I wasn't flying out of LAX when the American Airlines flight had to return to the gate because it was on fire. Mike is to be commended for not calling me with the news update on that one :)

When the fam retrieved me at Logan, we headed to the Cape to see WB's Aunt. We've been visiting her summers since I entered the picture-- I think we only missed one summer of the last 15. (Fifteen years? Is that even possible???) We had a nice visit, and missed out on all the rain back home: two perfect beach days, one ok one. No complaints. We arrived home at 1 AM this morning.

Katie commented that we had brought the sunshine back with us, and we were grateful. After stories of flooded basements and rotting gardens and canceled trips, it was good news indeed. I had a fleeting thought about power outages, but nothing formed into a cohesive thought. Well, I needn't have worried. As if on cue, the heavens opened and the wind rose and just as we were about to watch synchronized diving... cut to black. Indeed, I am so sick of this.

Good news is it was only about 60-90 minutes without Olympic coverage. I wonder how many personal interest stories we missed out on?

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Katie : said...

Next time, come on over...At my insistence, we had doubles diving on as well and we didn't lose power.
(I admit it's a weird sport, but beautiful nonetheless.)