Saturday, August 23, 2008

wowie wow wow!

Boy had asked last week about a scholarship essay he wrote this spring for the Portland Sea Dogs. I said we hadn't heard yet, so he probably didn't get it. Well, I checked messages today, and the Sea Dogs had called. He's a finalist in the K-5 group! He is very proud, as are the rest of us. I'm also really pleased from a "mom is always right" standpoint, as he resisted writing the thing in the first place. All age groups (k-5, 6-9, 9-12) had to write a 200 word essay about whether they'd go to college on a scholarship or play for the olympic team and possibly lose their scholarship. I did think his was pretty good, but I have an obvious bias. We have 4 tickets waiting for us for the Aug 31 game and we'll find out the winners there!

Way to go Boy!

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Wendy said...

Very cool! Although I'm not sure that putting Kindergarteners in the same category as fifth graders is actually fair. I have a fifth/sixth grader and a kindergartener and they're not even close to the same level with regard to writing ;).

Enjoy your Mother Knows Best moment :).